More details on possible erros we may send you

TypeThe type of error returned. Can be
invalid_request_error , not_authorized , api_error
MessageA human-readable message giving more details about the error.
CodeThe code of error returned. Can be 400, 401, 402, 404, 422, 500, 501
invalid_request_errorCan't find the resource that you are looking for. Did you specified a version?
not_authorizedNot able to authenticate. Did you provided a partner secret?
api_errorSorry! Internal problem, please try again!

Each error has a message that gives details of that error (you can show that to your users), a type for more details on the given error and a param that may show you the exact piece of information that caused the error



We may return errors not listed above, so don't rely on the errors. Check the content of the JSON and messages!